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How to prepare for your Senior/ Grad Session

1. Senior Sessions usually take place in October for Fall Sessions and in March/April for Spring Senior Sessions. You will be surprised at how much you've changed when you do both!  

2. Things to know!

Best time for portraits is the golden hour!! On a sunny day that's right before the sun sets.. This avoids squinting of the eyes on your images from harsh sun. Bright sun can also cause overexposure on images.

Turn around time frame for all galleries is two weeks. So plan ahead especially if you are using these images for Graduation Party Invites.

3. Choose a style or theme you are aiming for, whether it be an open field, gardens or city vibes. Check out locations recommended by photographer. Note that some travel fees may apply.

4. Choose your wardrobe, minimum of 3 outfits is recommended but its not a must.

Recommendations are:

 one formal outfit ( perhaps something that you may already be wearing under cap and gown the day of graduation)

one casual outfit,

 you may also do a school uniform from sports, dance team etc.

And your Cap and Gown. Don't forget  your tassel. 

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