Congratulations in one of the most important investments of your Life!! The purchase of your HOME is such a Blessing and an accomplishment! Wether it is your first home or your second home purchase it is something that deserves to be treasured for ever in our memory and imprinted in a photograph. Make this photoshoot FUN!!! Sweet Fairy Photographer has teamed up with your Realtor to gift this session to you! 

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Terms and Restrictions:

1. Photoshoot must take place in your new home within 25 days of your purchase/closing.

2. Photoshoot must be done during the day for best natural lighting options. No evening sessions. 

3. Session is only for the buyers and their children if any (immediate family only). No extended family.

4. Session is only for 30 minutes.

5. Model Release must be signed which gives photographer permission to share your portraits.

6. Photographer is gifting you 3 Digital High Resolution Images to cherish this special moment in your lives.  The option to purchase your full gallery at a discounted rate is always available.

7. Arriving more than 15 minutes late to your session will result in cancelation and void of your gift certificate. 

How to Prepare for your Session

1. Don't forget your Keys to your new Home. 

2. Dress Comfortably! You never know what your photographer may have you do! 

3. Bring Wine!! Bring Confetti! Bring Popper Streamers for the Kids! Anything you can think of to celebrate this special day!! Its your Session Make It Fun!! Make it GRAND!